As some of you may know, I got robbed when I was in Vietnam and they stole my phone. If you didn’t know, then you can find out more here: “I Just Got Molested and Robbed.”

After that incident, I used a “dumbphone” for about a week where there wasn’t any touchscreen, internet or apps. It was a classic flip-phone from the late 2000s. All it could do is make phone calls, send and receive texts. But, it did have a camera with a whooping one megapixel! ┬áMany millennials would gasp, “How did you live?!” Let me say this: It was the most liberating thing ever! Why? The itch to constantly check my phone was finally gone. I was a habitual phone checker, I would check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and my email. It was amazing how much time I wasted on social media!

With the lack of the features on the flip-phone, I didn’t check my phone every few minutes. As a result, I was a lot more present in the moment. I started appreciating every moment, I started noticing things in my environment, and my mind was more quiet and clearer. Instead of being distracted by my phone, I could appreciate nature and its rich colours. Instead of finding entertainment on my phone, I was entertained by conversation and absorbing the environment I was in. I was now participating in real life rather than participating in the digital life and it was much more enriching.

So my highest recommendation is break the habit of constantly checking your phone and begin developing the habit of being more present. Start connecting in real life rather than connecting digitally, it’ll make life more enriching.

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