“Overnight success can happen. That is, doing the right things night, over-night, over-night, over-night until you reach success” ~ Tim Huynh

In today’s social media culture, we have been conditioned to expect things to happen straight away. From fast food getting faster, internet getting faster, mobile phones operating faster, and your phone company customer service… nope, that’s still slow. But apart from that, everything seems to be becoming more instant and that’s the problem!

We expect things to happen straight away and immediately. We expect emails to be answered within 24 hours, we expect phone calls to be returned within the day, we expect text messages to be replied within 5 minutes and if it doesn’t we get mad!  So we expect things to happen quickly and as a result we also expect success to be the same.

Some people expect success in 1 week, 1 month and for some “patient” folks, 3 months. But if you’re reading this, you’re intelligent enough to know that’s not the case. It takes time, it takes real  patience, it takes discipline and dedication.

For success to happen, it takes being passionate about it, it takes resolve, it takes grit, it takes extreme focus and it requires you to do the right actions consistently over a long period of time. Let me repeat, it will take time. But the fruits of your labor will be well worth it.  Of course, there’s a lot more to becoming successful but you get the idea.

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Take as an example, weight reduction. People do two or three sessions in the gym and expect a result.  You know it takes more than that. It takes consistent work day after day after day to get the results you want. It requires you to take the right actions (exercise and nutrition) and do it over a long period of time to see significant success.

But here’s the key, if you truly, truly love what you’re doing and want to create success out of it… then it doesn’t matter how long it takes. If you truly love what you do, it doesn’t matter how long it takes because you are enjoying the journey. The process should be just as enjoyable as the outcome. Will it be a happy, fun journey the whole way? No, there will be trial and tribulations but learn to enjoy those too as it helps you learn and grow.

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