I’ve recently had a deeper insight into why it’s important to have an open mind. In my previous post, “Are You A Slave To Your Phone”, I talked about the lessons I learned from using a flip-phone. Since then, I’ve temporarily upgraded to an old HTC Desire smartphone as I do research to find the best phone to buy.

Now, although this HTC phone has more features such as apps, internet and the ability to record HD video, the problem is that the software is out-of-date. It’s so out of date that I can’t download any apps, in fact, I can’t even access the app store itself! In fact, the software is so out-of-date that I can’t update it!

As I tried to download apps with no success, I realised a powerful lesson. You see, the phone is staying stuck in it’s old ways, it’s staying closed minded, it’s not open to new ways to fully utilise it’s great potential.┬áHere’s a phone with the potential to do a variety of amazing things, if only it opened itself up to take on new opportunities (i.e. apps). Similar to us, if we are being close minded by holding onto our old ways of thinking and stuck in our old habits, we also limit ourselves and close ourselves off to opportunities. As a result, we never fully realise our limitless potential.

“When we open our minds and our hearts, we also open ourselves to new opportunities and we begin to start realising our potential and what is possible for us.”

Each phone has a purpose and when it fully utilises it’s potential and fulfills it’s purpose, it can help people tremendously. We are the same. We also have a purpose and the more we live on purpose and fulfill our potential, the more we can help other people in tremendous ways.

Lastly, remember that if you are not growing then you are dying. If a phone is not staying updated, then it starts becoming useless. So keep yourself updated (growing) and you will become more knowledgeable, more effective and more successful.

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